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Yellow Technology

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Why Yellow?

A small sentence about Yellow's Strengths.

Most Accessible

Anyone and everyone can use Yellow with absolutely no technical expertise or experience.


What currently takes hours, weeks, months and even years to create - Yellow creates it in seconds.

Most Efficient

Every component of Yellow is perfectly reusable in all subsequent components and products.


The nature of automating any service…Yellow will enterthe market infinitely cheaper than the cheapest alternative.


Most Scalable

The amount of Yellow products at any given moment is the result of each product and then adding them all together…it’s a lot.


With the least components possible and each valuable to every project, we can justify investing the unfair amount of time, and talent into each and every one.

Most Dynamic

Nothing Yellow creates is ‘finished’ - every Yellow product is created with a live and direct connection to the DNA of the idea and can therefore be edited, updated or upgraded instantly.


The Yellow way of creating works for truly anything - the depth and diversity of Yellow products we can deliver to users is simply a questions of time and resources.

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